Need more reasons why and how Niswonger Online helps students?
Check out some of the testimonials below!


“…Overall, this program was just a marvelous way for me to get ahead and stay ahead in school and life.” -10th Grade

“…The Niswonger Online classes allowed me to take all the AP/Honors courses I wanted PLUS band, without any worries of scheduling conflicts.” – 11th Grade

“… Niswonger offers so many great classes that open so many doors. I’m really excited to be learning Accounting online right now and the program also offers Accounting II which will be great for me in the future.” – 11th Grade

“… I would have had to give up band this last semester if Niswonger Online did not offer Personal Finance online. THANK YOU!” – 12th Grade

“… The Niswonger program has not only helped me to excel in school but also in my personal life. I am currently taking Personal Finance online and have already learned how to budget my money and interview properly. These skills are essential.” – 11th Grade

“… The Niswonger Foundation has allowed me to take a class that has never been offered at my high school. I know this will help me when I start college and I’m so thankful for that.” – 11th Grade


“I wanted you to know from a parent’s view, I deeply appreciated this online Geometry class opportunity. Not only is (my daughter) improving her GPA by retaking the course, she raised her ACT Math score by several points. Seeing her ACT score raise is proof to me that she is learning this skill.”

“… As we get close to the end of the semester I wanted to say thanks, these online courses really saved my son. It’s so exciting to see him on track for his senior year without being overloaded or too stressed.”

“…I was so surprised by how much my daughter enjoyed her online Sociology course. Dr. Burgin was so helpful and really made it fun and interesting. I’m sure you know, but wanted to share that you have a great teacher on your hands!”

“My daughter’s school does not offer any AP courses, yet here she is, about to graduate with 2 AP credits. This is all thanks to the Niswonger Foundation. Thank you so much.”

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