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Plagarism Policy

As a student of Niswonger Online, it is critical to understand plagiarism/cheating and the consequences of submitting plagiarized work. Academic honesty and integrity in the online environment are key to the success of the student and, it is expected that all students submit work of their own, individual effort. This is the foundation of trust within the online learning environment and once broken, is hard to regain.

At Niswonger Online our highly experienced teachers use many means to spot plagiarized work. Their expertise in the subject being their greatest tool in identifying work that does not reflect the student’s knowledge level or the teachings of the course. Plagiarism may be accidental or blatant; however, students are held to the same standards and consequences listed below:


Plagiarism/ Cheating Consequences


  • 1st Offense: Student will receive a 0% on the assignment. Student and director of Niswonger Online will be notified of the offense. Assignment may be redone for a maximum score of 70% of original worth.
  • 2nd Offense: Student will receive a 0% on the assignment. Student, school, and guardians will be contacted. Assignment may NOT be redone for higher credit.
  • 3rd Offense: Student will receive a 0% on the assignment. Niswonger Online director will have a conference with school about possible expulsion. Assignment may NOT be redone for higher credit.
  • 4th Offense: Student will be permanently expelled from Niswonger Online. Future online courses with us will not be allowed. **Seat fee money cannot be refunded for students who are removed from a course**

Responsibility and Understanding


It is the student’s responsibility to understand what plagiarism is and to also safeguard their own work from students who may want to take it and submit as their own. If completing your Niswonger Online course on a computer or laptop that is used by multiple people it is crucial that you save work to a drive that is only accessible by you. It is also vital that you log out of your online course when away from the computer so that others cannot access your work or information.


Examples of plagiarism/cheating:


  • Turning in any written work that was taken from the internet without citing and using quotations (quotations should only be used sparingly within research papers to defend your own work and should NEVER be used within an assessment)
  • Submitting another student’s work (full or partial) as your own
  • Using information from a book, textbook, or encyclopedia without citing the source
  • Using online translators for assignments or assessments
  • Using websites such as Course Hero or Brainly to obtain answers on assignments or assessments
  • Self Plagiarism- submitting the same work for multiple classes without teacher approval

    After reviewing the plagiarism policy above, students will be asked to complete an assignment showing they understand plagiarism and the consequences. This assignment must be completed BEFORE any work in the course can be completed. If any student has a question about plagiarism at any time during the school year, please contact your teacher or the director of Niswonger Online, Gina Pavlovich

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