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Niswonger Online has been serving schools in Northeast Tennessee since 2011, offering an array of online courses. We are excited to now be able to offer our courses to students across the state. Read below to learn how counselors in Tennessee are using Niswonger Online Courses to help their students.

School Systems in Tennessee Currently Using Niswonger Online Courses

Carter County                  Claiborne County               Cocke County          Elizabethton City

Greene County                Greeneville City              Hamblen County             Hancock County

Hawkins County             Jefferson County            Johnson County                 Johnson City

Kingsport City                Lauderdale County         Sullivan County            Unicoi County

   Washington County            Hardeman County         Haywood County    Grainger County

                                 McMinn County            Dyersburg City Schools          Dyer County           

                                                   Clay County                                     Campbell County

“As a school counselor in a small, rural high school our academic schedule is very limited in terms of the number of course offerings. The vast majority of our courses are only offered one time per year. With the availability of online classes, students have the opportunity to take required and elective classes that may not fit into their schedules. As an example, North Greene offers one World History course one semester per year. Many high school juniors and seniors who are in need of the class would have to choose between taking dual enrollment courses or taking the World History course. With the option of taking the World History online, the number of students taking dual enrollment classes has increased significantly over the past two years. Online classes provide so many options for our students and they are greatly beneficial in developing a schedule in which a student can obtain the required classes needed for graduation while also pursuing dual enrollment and other elective focus courses. It would be hard to imagine the impact on our students and their schedules if online courses were not available to them.” – Michele Keffer North Greene High School, Student Population 417

“As a rural high school, the Niswonger online courses have not only strengthened our course offerings but opened doors for our students. Courses that we cannot possibly offer to our students in our brick and mortar building are now available.”Dr. Edwards Unicoi County High School, Student Population 780

“Online courses have been such a help and blessing at Cloudland High School. They have been an aid in student’s academic careers for many years. Whether students were short a credit to graduate or they wanted the challenge of extra classes they had the opportunity with online courses”Shellie McKinney Cloudland High School, Student Population 312

“Niswonger courses have been a great help to University School students.  We are a K-12 school with less than 300 high school students.  Because we are small, our schedule is very “tight” and by the time students are seniors, there is almost no way that we can place them in all the classes they want to take.  Niswonger online classes have given us an option for those students for whom our schedule is not working.  We are very grateful to have this option!”– Ariane Day University School, Total Population K-12 503

“One of the greatest benefits of the online classes that the Niswonger Foundation has provided Science Hill has come in the form of more scheduling opportunities.  Since students can take classes such as Wellness and Personal Finance online, it opens up more room in their schedules to take advanced classes in the IB or AP program.” – Josh Jarnigan Science Hill High School, Student Population 2,251

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