Niswonger Online Course Syllabi

Click on the course name below to see a syllabus for each online course we currently offer. All AP Courses are now offered in a year-long option and a one-semester option (Spring semester only).

Social Studies
World History and Geography Syllabus            Contemporary Issues Syllabus
US History and Geography Syllabus                   US Government Syllabus
Psychology Course Syllabus
Personal Finance Syllabus                                    AP Psychology Syllabus
Economics Syllabus                                                AP Human Geography

Language Arts
English III Syllabus
English IV Syllabus
AP English Literature and Composition Syllabus
AP English Language Composition Syllabus

Physics Syllabus
AP Environmental Science

Foreign Language
Latin I Syllabus                                                     French I Syllabus
Latin II Syllabus                                                      French II Syllabus
Latin III Syllabus
Spanish I Syllabus
Spanish II Syllabus
Spanish III Syllabus

Fine Arts
Art II History and Criticism Syllabus
Visual Arts 3- Digital Photography Syllabus
AP Art History Syllabus

Computer Applications Syllabus
Accounting 1 Syllabus
Accounting 2 Syllabus
American Business and Legal (syllabus update coming soon)
Cosmetology Syllabus
Coding I
Child and Lifespan Development Syllabus
Teaching as a Profession (syllabus update coming soon)

Certification Courses
Microsoft Productivity (syllabus coming soon)
Web Design I (syllabus coming soon)

Geometry Syllabus
AP Computer Science Syllabus
AP Statistics

Physical Education Syllabus
Lifetime Wellness Syllabus