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1000 and 2000 Level

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                     *On Ground Only                 **On Ground and Online

      Subject                  Course Identification                     Course Title

Anthropology         ANTH1240**                       Intro to Cultural Anthropology

Anthropology           ANTH1260**                      Intro to Archaeology

Art                              ARTA1030*                         Art Appreciation

Astronomy                 ASTR1010*                         Astronomy I

Biology                       BIOL1010**                        Biology for Non-Majors I

Biology                       BIOL1011*                           Biology for Non-Majors Lab I

Chemistry                  CHEM1030**                        Intro to Chemistry Survey

Chemistry                  CHEM1040**                        Intro to General Chemistry

Chemistry                  CHEM1110*                         General Chemistry Lecture I

Chemistry                 CHEM1111*                          General Chemistry Lab I

Comm & Behav Hlth     COBH1010 **                  Lifetime Behav for Healthy Living

Comm & Behav Hlth     COBH1020 **                  Intro to Public Health

Communication     COMM2025**                           Fundamentals of Communication

Communication     COMM2045*                              Public Speaking

Communication     COMM2055*                              Argumentation & Debate

Computer Science     CSCI1100**                             Using Information & Technology

Dance         DANC1500 **                                          Dance as a Human Experience

Digital Media        DIGM1500**                               Digital Game Design

Digital Media     DIGM1800**                                  Digital Animation

Educational Fnd     EDFN2400**                             Foundations for the Profs of Teaching

English         ENGL1010**                                         Reading & Expository Writing

English         ENGL1020**                                          Critical Thinking/Argument

English         ENGL2030**                                           Literary Heritage

English         ENGL2110**                                          American Literature I

English         ENGL2120**                                         American Literature II

French         FREN1010**                                        Beginning French I

French         FREN1020**                                        Beginning French II

Geography         GEOG1012**                                Intro to Cultural Geography

Geography         GEOG1013**                               Intro to World/Regional Geography

Geology         GEOL1040**                                     GEOS: Earth/Society Lecture

Geology         GEOL1041**                                    GEOS: Earth/Society Lab

Human Dev&Lrng     HDAL1110**                    Family Development

Human Dev&Lrng     HDAL2000**                   Intimate Relationships

Human Dev&Lrng     HDAL2310**                  Developmental Psychology

History        HIST1110**                                   World History to 1500

History         HIST1120**                                 World History Since 1500

History         HIST2010**                                U.S. History to 1877

History        HIST2020**                               U.S. History Since 1877

Mathematics         MATH1530**                 Probability & Statistics

Mathematics         MATH1710**                 Pre-Calculus I

Mathematics         MATH1720*                  Pre-Calculus II

Mathematics         MATH1910**               Calculus I

Mathematics         MATH1920*                Calculus II

Mathematics         MATH2010**              Linear Algebra

Mathematics        MATH2120*                Differential Equations

Music             MUSC1030**                     Introduction to Music

Music             MUSC1035*                      History of Jazz

Phy Ed & Exc Sci     PHED1130**             Wellness for Life

Philosophy         PHIL1030*                  Intro to Philosophy

Philosophy         PHIL2020*                  Intro to Ethics

Physics         PHYS1030**                     Intro to Physics Survey

Physics         PHYS2010*                     General Physics Lec I

Physics         PHYS2011*                    General Physics Lab I

Pre-Health Prof     PREH1350**         Health Profession Exploration

Political Science     PSCI1110**           Intro to Political Science

Political Science    PSCI1120**            Intro to American Gov

Psychology         PSYC1310**               Intro to Psycholog

Religion         RELI2210*                     Intro to Study of Religion

Sociology        SOCI1020**                 Intro to Sociology

Sociology         SOCI2000**                Marriage & Family

Social Work         SOWK1010**         Intro to Social Work

Social Work         SOWK1030**         Cultural Diversity

Spanish         SPAN1010**                 Beginning Spanish I

Spanish         SPAN1020**                Beginning Spanish II

Special Education     SPED2300**         Exceptional Learners

Service Learning     SRVL1020**             Intro to Service Learning

Theatre         THEA1030**                        Intro to Theatre

This does NOT include all dual enrollment options, ONLY suggested 1000 and 2000 level courses. For a complete list visit


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