Below are links to videos that will show you step-by-step how to create a student account, enroll a student, check student progress, and run a final grade report.

New to Niswonger Online? Click here
Video on creating new accounts and enrolling students

Worked with Us Before but Need a Reminder? Click here
Short video reminding how to create account and enroll

How are my students doing? Click here
Video showing how to get a progress report on all students anytime you need one

How do I see final grades? Click here
Video showing where to find students’ final grades and how to run individual reports

How often does my student log-in? Can I see their full grade report? Can I see if they are communicating with their teacher? YES! Click here
Links to help you understand how your student is doing

My Student Says They Are Working, How do I Know for Sure? Click here
How to “log-in as your student” to see work submitted, last time they logged in, and the online course in general





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