Niswonger Online Courses for Remote Learning

Our Blended option was originally created to give teachers online resources to use within their classrooms in a blended learning environment. However, this could also be an option that gives your teachers access to an online course that they can edit and use with their students during remote learning. 

See below for more information and click here – Niswonger Blended Learning Course Options to see available online course options

Course Enrollment ETSU


Welcome Buccaneer!!!!

After you are accepted to ETSU you will need to:
1. Activate your Account
2. Enroll in your Course

Activate your Accounts:

You will need to log in and activate your GoldLink and ETSU email accounts. You will register for your classes using self-service banner on GoldLink once you have activated that account.

Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Go to and activate your account
  2. Log in to your ETSU email account at

Once you have activated your accounts, here are the steps for registering:

  1. Go to
  2. In the top gold banner click on “Goldlink”
  3. Enter in your username and password
  4. Click on “Goldlink Self-Service” folder
  5. Click on “Student” folder
  6. Click on “Registration” folder
  7. Click on “Look Up Classes” link
  8. Select “DESIRED TERM” as the term
  9. In the Subject box, scroll to the subject you are seeking and highlight, then click “Course Search”
  10. Find the course you are interested in and click “view sections”
  11. Write down the CRN number
  12. Go back to the home page for Goldlink and click on “Student” folder
  13. Click on “Add or Drop Classes” link
  14. Select DESIRED TERM
  15. Use CRN number to register for the course

This information can be found at


Application Instructions ETSU

Dual Enrollment ChecklistScreen Shot 2018-11-30 at 9.07.55 AM

1. Apply for Admission to ETSU

2. Complete the Dual Enrollment Packet

For faster processing, All Dual Enrollment papers can now be completed online by clicking here- click on 3rd box for Dual Enrollment Packet

Or, you can print the packet from

  • Permission to Enroll form signed by parent/guardian AND school official
  • Proposed class schedule
  • Transcript release form
  • Health clinic form

3. Complete the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant Application*

*Must be an eligible resident of Tennessee

4. Take the Final Steps

  • If you have taken dual enrollment classes at another college or university, or dual credit at your hgih school request that your official transcripts be sent to the Admissions Office (your counselor can help with this)
  • Submit Eligibility Verification for Entitlements Act (EVEA) documentation. Take a clear photo of your driver license and/or the documents listed needed and email it to 
  • If eligible, submit the Fee Discount Form for dependents of state employees, TBR/UT employees, or TN public school teachers at edu/bf/bursar/eduforms/default.php
  • If you plan to take dual enrollment courses at more than one institution, you must complete the Consortium Agreement available from the ETSU Office of Financial Aid
  • After you’re admitted, visit for instructions on registering for classes
  • After all grants, discounts, and scholarships have been applied, pay your fees. Grant and scholarship money may take time to apply. DO NOT pay any fees until you are sure all money has been awarded to your account. Dual Enrollment students will NOT be dropped for late fee payments until after the semester begins.


Niswonger Online at iNACOL

The International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) recently asked the Coordinator of Niswonger Online to present at their symposium detailing the benefits of our online learning program and how it helps students in rural settings. The Niswonger Foundation was thrilled and our Coordinator of Learning Resources, Gina Pavlovich, held a one-hour session discussing the consortium that has been created to bring together local school systems and how Niswonger Online is reaching students throughout the state and giving them the chance to earn credits in courses that could never be offered in their brick-and-mortar schools.

This was a great opportunity to connect with administrators from rural school systems throughout the U.S. and we hope to be asked to present again at next year’s symposium which will be held very close to home in Nashville, TN Oct 21st-24th 2018 at the Nashville Music City Center.

Article- Don’t Forget Rural Schools Philanthropy Roundtable

“Among the most prominent initiatives has been the Niswonger Foundation’s work to help rural students prepare for, enroll in, and graduate from college.”

The Niswonger Foundation was excited to see a great write-up on the work we are doing in rural schools in the Philanthropy Roundtable.

“Don’t Forget Rural Schools” Check out the article here- Philanthropy Roundtable

Parent and Student Testimonials

Need more reasons why and how Niswonger Online helps students?
Check out some of the testimonials below!


“…Overall, this program was just a marvelous way for me to get ahead and stay ahead in school and life.” -10th Grade

“…The Niswonger Online classes allowed me to take all the AP/Honors courses I wanted PLUS band, without any worries of scheduling conflicts.” – 11th Grade

“… Niswonger offers so many great classes that open so many doors. I’m really excited to be learning Accounting online right now and the program also offers Accounting II which will be great for me in the future.” – 11th Grade

“… I would have had to give up band this last semester if Niswonger Online did not offer Personal Finance online. THANK YOU!” – 12th Grade

“… The Niswonger program has not only helped me to excel in school but also in my personal life. I am currently taking Personal Finance online and have already learned how to budget my money and interview properly. These skills are essential.” – 11th Grade

“… The Niswonger Foundation has allowed me to take a class that has never been offered at my high school. I know this will help me when I start college and I’m so thankful for that.” – 11th Grade


“I wanted you to know from a parent’s view, I deeply appreciated this online Geometry class opportunity. Not only is (my daughter) improving her GPA by retaking the course, she raised her ACT Math score by several points. Seeing her ACT score raise is proof to me that she is learning this skill.”

“… As we get close to the end of the semester I wanted to say thanks, these online courses really saved my son. It’s so exciting to see him on track for his senior year without being overloaded or too stressed.”

“…I was so surprised by how much my daughter enjoyed her online Sociology course. Dr. Burgin was so helpful and really made it fun and interesting. I’m sure you know, but wanted to share that you have a great teacher on your hands!”

“My daughter’s school does not offer any AP courses, yet here she is, about to graduate with 2 AP credits. This is all thanks to the Niswonger Foundation. Thank you so much.”

Help Videos for Schools Enrolling Students

Beginning June 25th this page will be under construction to reflect changes in our Learning Management System. All videos will be updated and available by August 1st.

Below are links to videos that will show you step-by-step how to create a student account, enroll a student, check student progress, and run a final grade report.

New to Niswonger Online? Click here
Video on creating a new account and enrolling students

Worked with Us Before but Need a Reminder? Click here
Short video reminding how to create account and enroll

How are my students doing? Click here
Video showing how to get a progress report on all students anytime you need one

How do I see final grades? Click here
Video showing where to find students’ final grades and how to run individual reports

How often does my student log-in? Can I see their full grade report? Can I see if they are communicating with their teacher? YES! Click here
Links to help you understand how your student is doing

My Student Says They Are Working, How do I Know for Sure? Click here
How to “log-in as your student” to see work submitted, last time they logged in, and the online course in general


What I Wish Someone Told Me BEFORE Taking an Online Course

Please share the links below or print off for your upcoming online students. Both are short articles that will give them a little understanding of what it means to take an online course. Also, please share with them the Niswonger Online Student Help Desk website at

What I Wish Someone Told Me BEFORE Taking an Online Course

8 Online “Netiquette” Guidelines Every Student Should Know

8th Graders Earning High School Credit?! YES THEY CAN!!!

Happy Valley Middle School and Niswonger Online

-Gina Pavlovich- Coordinator of Learning Resources

hvms-studentsFront Front Row L to R: Allie Grindstaff, Hailey Pearman, Michelle Boucher, Blakelee Ollis
Back Row L to R: Grace Martin, Eli Phillips, Olivia Absher, Autumn Lyons, Lucas Chausse, Joshua Bowman

This fall Niswonger Online was excited to have our first online course consisting entirely of middle school students. Happy Valley Middle School enrolled ten 8th graders into a Niswonger Online Personal Finance course giving their students the opportunity to earn high school credit before ever stepping foot in a high school. The students pictured above did an OUTSTANDING job and everyone at Happy Valley Middle School and the Niswonger Foundation are proud of their accomplishment.

I recently met with the students to ask them about their online course. They were very honest, stating that it was not easy, but also realized important information was learned about budgeting and finance that they know will one day be used. They also discussed how they were grateful to learn more about computers and programs such as Word, Excel, and Prezi; saying that this knowledge is already helping them in other courses within the classroom. The course was taught by Chase Hicks, a long time online Personal Finance teacher for Niswonger Online. He was a great asset while working with the school and students through this new endeavor.

“I’m thankful that the Niswonger Foundation gave our students this opportunity and proud of the students for making it a success. We hope that 8th graders earning high school credit through Niswonger Online becomes the new norm.”
–Jon Minton,  
HVMS Principal

         The Niswonger Foundation would like to thank Jon Minton- Principal HVMS, Katherine Hyder- Assistant Principal HVMS, Danny McClain- Carter Co Schools Secondary Supervisor, Dr. Kevin Ward- Carter Co Superintendent of Schools, and the Carter County School Board. Your forward thinking and understanding of how students benefit from these courses has given these kids a step ahead as they move forward to their next stage of learning.

Go Warriors!